Each step provides equity uplift. This is called using ‘leverage’ which is the way most rich people become richer – not paying cash, using the equity in other properties to provide the required deposits to purchase more property.

Step one as per the link

An 800m2 lot with two properties fully separated and fenced. Each property when completed – was titled and subdivided. The cost break up of this example was land $250000, build $550000 for 2×4 bedroom 178m2 properties each on a 400m2 lot. Finance is
arranged with a cash deposit of $80000 plus purchase costs. Construction period is 26 weeks after council approval.

When the buildings are tenanted the investor obtains a valuation of $490000* each, creating an equity uplift of $180000 plus original equity of $80000.

*We have completed preliminary valuations and gained advice from local real estate agents in or near the area as to the current market prices for new dwellings. Four bedroom dwellings are available subject to land size. With net equity of $260000 the investor can expect to borrow up to 90% of that figure if he/she wishes to proceed to step two.

Steps two through five. We will take you through each step.


The purpose of this process is to produce net wealth for financial security. It is capital growth which is the key task with net after tax cash flow coupled with rental income and taxation allowances providing or freeing up additional cash for living expenditure at

The following figures for each step, accrued equity in year 2023, and after ten years for each property, include capital growth quoted at 5% per annum. When forecasting growth we consider this to be conservative with records showing that the median growth for S. E. Queensland averaged 8.3 % per annum during the decade ended 2016.

Positive after tax cash flow is assumed at 5% interest, 5% rental yield based upon the original build price. Actual yield exceeds 6.25%.

Note: The period between steps may be delayed or indefinitely deferred at any time after step one is completed. We provide a full location report, concept plans, specifications and inclusions, rental assessment, investment and cash flow analysis specific to the client circumstances. The client can be flown to the location in NSW and if the sale is completed we will reimburse for the cost – economy – of the airfares for investor and partner.

Given the financial capability to proceed to step one and the valuations ensuing after completion, the 5 Step Process offers the opportunity to fast track retirement financial security – providing disposable cash.

There is no commitment to contiue past the step completed, but if you do, the rewards are there. After completing the 5 steps process you will be able to say ‘Mission Accomplished’ for a comfortable retirement. The outcomes for the 5 steps completed, based upon a deposit of 10% for step one, are: *conditions apply

  • Net equity in 7 years exceeds $1,300,000
  • Property portfolio value $6,541,400
  • Taxation credits exceed $300,000 based on taxable income of $150000
  • Positive after tax cash flow exceeds $150000 less deposit for Step one.

We use $150000 for the equity uplift in our literature and analyses but that is extremely conservative. Please note that this is a once in a lifetime offer. These dwellings are extremely limited in approval and are required to be of the same quality and general
appearance as other properties in the areas which are affluent and very well maintained. There is a strict limitation on the number of investment properties to be built in each area.