A definitive guide to creating wealth for a comfortable retirement

WHAT WILL YOUR RETIREMENT BE? – PARK LANE! OR PARK BENCH! During our consultations and information sessions we place great emphasis on the need for a plan to secure a comfortable retirement. The following information may influence readers to start now...

Debt Reduction

We all wish to owe as little on the family home as possible. I fully appreciate that many of us feel doubtful about property investment when there is a large debt on the family home. How would you feel if we provided an investment proposal focused on debt reduction?...

Are you still struggling?

TO MAKE INFORMED CHOICES? As many residential property investors are still struggling to choose the right solution from the vast pool of providers to create their property wealth creation efforts, we would like to showcase how we have been a leader in this rapidly growing space, creating great enthusiasm for our process of developing ‘The Plan’ for a comfortable retirement, with innovative ‘create your own market’ strategies.

A Jewel Dual

Our clients all develop a plan for their property portfolio to become an important contribution to a comfortable retirement. Some will eventually live in the property after a do over, they keep the smaller unit as an income producer, others convert to a larger residence and the remainder will sell. Depending upon the location, it may be possible to subdivide and title each unit, producing equity uplift.

If you are considering a dual income property we can advise – no charge – call us

Which Brisbane market??

I SAID IT BEFORE AND I SAY IT AGAIN – WHICH BRISBANE PROPERTY MARKET IS FALLING? There is no one Brisbane market. Brisbane is divided into several markets, one of which is the Brisbane CBD. If you have recently invested in an apartment in Brisbane CBD you...

A Touch of Class

Over the past 50 years or more I have lived in, sold and invested in many properties both in Australia and overseas. As stated in my book I did make mistakes but fortunately learned from them. I guess if you ask me what the major things I learned about investing were, my response will be “Buy quality” and “Buy and hold”.

Baby Boomers help is here!

ATTENTION ‘BABY BOOMERS’ HELP IS HERE! Recently the number of ‘baby boomers’ enquiring about property investment has markedly increased. These enquiries are inspired by the realization that time is running out to develop enough wealth to avoid a gut...